Saturday, December 10, 2011

Out and About in Kharkov 4- Шато Ледо

 We whiled away the afternoon ice-skating at шато ледо with a friend. I'd spent all morning grousing over my conversation classes tomorrow (topic: expressing sympathy) so it was nice to get out and forget my worries. I must say, Ukraine has brought back the coolness of ice-skating and bowling. I'd forgotten how fun those activities are!

"Chateau de ice" is a cool place to hang out. You can see several photos of the ice rink by clicking on the above link. It's a little smaller than the rinks at Caravan and Daffy, but it's also cheaper. Additionally there is a giant ice-skating penguin who poses for photos with kids and chases pretty girls around the rink :p You can get pizza, visit the gaming arcade, play ping pong, compete in laser tag, or catch an IMAX film. There was even a hip hop dance-off taking place in the roller-skating rink this afternoon!

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