Saturday, December 10, 2011

Trying to catch up

Go Team Janeway!
My precious weekend! Where have you gone?? Speaking of which, these past couple of weeks have shot by like a rocket...which at least brings us closer to the (eagerly-anticipated) end of the semester. First D was sick, then I was sick, then D was sick again the next week with food poisoning. Somehow my life began to consist solely of such fascinating and exotic events as: get up, spend several hours lesson planning, go to work, return home near midnight, watch Star Trek, sleep, repeat. That's all, seriously.
Not exactly what I had in mind when we planned our move here, but I guess it's a consequence of working so much. Today was my day off. I taught extra corporate classes this morning (took from 8:30 AM - 1:30 PM) to make up for the day I was sick, then came home and slept from 3 PM to 10 PM because of a bad night's sleep on Wednesday. Now here I am online, ta-da, trying to make up for neglecting this blog.

I've taken drastic measures and requested a cut in hours next semester (from 30 classroom hours/week to 20/week). The most exciting part of this is that I won't be working the dreaded Sundays anymore...5 classes back to back with an unpaid hour sneakily built into the schedule...shudder. I am seriously seriously seriously looking forward to this, especially since it represents a significant decrease in the number of lesson planning hours needed (I like to think of those as my "work for free" hours). My job is really enjoyable and I usually have a good time teaching, and the key to enjoying it more?: do it less.

In other news, I've found coconut milk! It's at the Billa near 23 Серпня. Thanks to shiitaki mushrooms picked up during a previous (and massive) scouting expedition at Caravan, this tasty Thai soup was born.
One could hardly even notice that the milk's best buy date was in September.
It's practically an art-form to gather food here. One-stop shopping is not a Ukrainian way of life, but I guess it makes for good exercise. Here's what I mean about good exercise:
Obviously we drink too much tea. This is a couple weeks of drinking water, lovingly lugged home by yours truly. I miss cars.

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