Wednesday, December 21, 2011

An ounce of prevention....

This is what $22 USD of medicine looks like. D was sick and tired of the occasional pharmacy run...and all the cranky pharmacists. He recruited Timur's help to create an everything-you-might-possibly-need-at-home kit.
This was my favorite part. It makes a lovely cup of tea before bedtime.
Chamomile tea- the real deal
They also picked up an anti-hangover medicine.
I thought this stuff was apocryphal but I guess we'll test it out at some point.
We're trying to be healthier in general. No luck yet in finding a local gym but we did succeed in tracking down some fresh lettuce. Yeah!


  1. [QUOTE]No luck yet in finding a local gym[/QUOTE]

    I've heard there's some gym on Kholodna Hora:

  2. I'm loving' all the effort U put into this Katherine! Miss U guys and love ya's.

    There was a small fire/meltdown in the world's finest apt. complex...that U introduced me to...right down the hall. It was like at 1 a.m. and when the bogus alarm went off, I thought it was one of George's video games ringing! We were ready to evacuate when the smoke spilled through one of the fire doors...but there was Wendy, lumbering through the smoke to set up fans and opening all the outer 0 degrees...yelling that all was OK now, it was just a pot that melted down on some numbnuts stove down the hall...that's all, NO big deal (well, other than possible death by smoke inhalation...). So, I must thank you again for the economic-wonder called Wendy's Wonderful Winterwood Apts (: >). Bye for now! Happy New Year!!